“A healer does not heal you.

A healer

is someone who

holds space for

You while you awaken

your inner healer,

so that you may heal yourself”

-Maryam Hasnaa



Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Healing (IET) using the violet Angelic ray. Is a modality and is hands on healing and work with all levels of clearing blockages from the human energy field – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Amazing results can be achieved if the client is willing to take responsibility for their own health, which I am honoured to be able to facilitate for the clients highest good in Divine order. I work with the healing Angels and spiritual Guides that help to guide,

direct,, surround and protect the healing session.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage treats the ‘whole’ body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality in order to bring about complete balance. It helps alleviate stress, anxiety and muscle stiffness and helps bring about relaxation, better sleep, slows down the ‘monkey’ mind and overall brings about increased energy levels. I will use tailor made aromatherapy oils for each individual client to further aid healing and wellness.

Cost per session (1 hour) – €60

About Irma

Since a young child I have always felt a deep connection to the Spiritual and Angelic realms and would feel spirit around me. I started work

as an ITEC beauty therapist and holistic massage therapist from 2003 for a number of years while

undergoing courses in Mediumship and Psychic studies, Tarot, Meditation, Shamanism, Reiki and IET

Angelic healing.

It seemed like a natural progression to became a Reiki Master, IET Angelic Master and I offer healing

sessions and workshops in both Reiki and IET up to advanced practitioner level. I also offer Holistic Massage sessions and I am naturally very

intuitive and compassionate and feel a deep connection to animals and nature. My mission in this

life is to help people activate their own healing process through healing and teaching using the

Angelic heart connection. I work with the healing Angels of the human Energy field and Guides from

the Spiritual realm. I live in the lovely community of Gorey with my husband, youngest son and 2


We are all an essence of the great cosmos. – We are all One.


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Location : The Palms Health & Wellbeing Centre, Gorey town, Co. Wexford Y25V6P6

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